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Leaf Pick Up-Fall Clean Up

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Village is considering the following changes this year:


Over the years our Village residents have enjoyed having a Spring clean-up day. Last year, due to uncertainties of COVID, the Village moved the event to take place in the Fall. This change received mixed “reviews” by our residents. The General Service Committee was presented with the idea of scheduling the event to take place once again in the Fall, rather than Spring. As you are aware, our Village residents are also residents of Suttons Bay Township, who historically schedules their clean-up day in the Spring, and intends to do so in 2021. By moving the Village clean-up day to the Fall, it would provide our Village residents the ability to participate in two clean up events every year, rather than one.

The General Service Committee has recommended to the Village Council that we move forward with scheduling a fall clean-up day with the understanding that we make every effort to educate our residents on the change and why.


As we begin planning our 2021 spring services, we will be asking the Village Council to consider changes to leaf and yard waste collections. This service is very time consuming and takes away from the time needed to maintain and service our infrastructure. This discussion is ongoing however the following is being discussed. 1) Requiring all grass clippings to always be placed in biodegradable yard waste bags rather than placed in the street. 2) Move to a more scheduled approach where a 7-day period will be provided once in the Spring and once in the Fall in which all residents must have their leaves out in the street for pick up. That will be the only time leaves are permitted in the roadway. 3) outside of the two mass leaf pick up events, all leaves will be required to be placed in biodegradable bags for pick up. 4) Provide open hours at the “dump” where residents can bring their leaves and grass clippings as an alternative to using bio-degradable bags. 5) Establish a composting area for leaves and debris rather than continuing with past practices of burning the leaves. 6) Make compost available for free to residents on a yearly basis.