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Short Term Rentals

The Village of Suttons Bay amended their short-term rental Ordinance and has capped short term rental permits at 45 permits.  This number will be reached through attrition.  There are currently 59 short term rental permits issued.  We will not be issuing any new permits until this number (45) is reached.  Please note that Short Term Rental Permits are non-transferrable.

A short term rental is defined as any occupancy of a dwelling unit for commercial use for a period of less than thirty (30) consecutive days in exchange for consideration.

If you rent out a room or a portion of the dwelling unit while still residing on the property you may fall under the bed and breakfast regulations within our zoning ordinance.  Please contact our zoning administrator to see if your situation applies or email zoning@suttonsbayvillage.org

Please note that operating a short term rental without a permit is a violation of the Village’s Short Term Rental Ordinance.  If you know of someone operating a short term rental without a permit, or have a complaint regarding a short term rental please contact our office  at 231.271.3051 or send an email to suttonsbay@suttonsbayvillage.org .

Complaints regarding disorderly conduct or trespassing should be directed to the Leelanau County Sheriff's Department. 231.256.8800.

Complaints regarding pets should be directed to the Leelanau County Animal Control Office at 231.256.8800.

All complaints must include the date, time, and nature of the event to be considered as a violation of the Short Term Rental Ordinance.


Short Term Rental Ordinance 27

Short Term Rental Application

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